What is an Undergrid?

An UNDERGRID is mesh of human relationships that defines, supports and sometimes entraps an individual.

Meaning Emerges from undergrids

Unlike a culture, subculture, or community, or family an undergrid is determined, curated, and maintained by an individual at its center. It is a pattern of regular encounters, conversations, and intimacies from which emerges an individual’s sense of meaning. Just as thoughts emerge from the electricity of interconnected neurons, meaning emerges from the interpersonal electricity of undergrids.

Your Tribal Undergrid

We each have deep relationships with roughly one hundred people. This mesh of connections is a tribal undergrid.

your Core Undergrid

An artist is responsible to their tribal undergrid for inventing new patterns of meaning and experience, as well as illuminating patterns that already exist. An artist needs a core group within the tribe, who inspire, challenge, and collaborate. This creative circle of three to ten connections is a core undergrid.

The Blog “Undergrids”

A human being thrives by cultivating and curating undergrids, especially face to face. Creative work thrives when it serves and enriches the core undergrid first, the tribal undergrid next, and the wider public last.

This blog is about tending undergrids. So, you are reading this sentence because you belong to mine.